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Contact Health Insurance of California today! We work with ALL health insurance options and carriers available in the state of California, are a local, independent California broker, and being paid by the insurance carriers only, are free to you.

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All Options and Carriers Available, Local and Independent, Always Free to You

Health Insurance of California assists individuals, groups, the self-employed and small business owners in understanding the options available to them through all the carriers offering coverage on the Affordable Care Act (ACA) Marketplace Exchange ( as well as all the carriers offering coverage off of the ACA Marketplace Exchange.


We are a local, independent health insurance broker that is appointed by all carriers in the state of California to educate clients as to availability, suitability and affordability of health insurance for themselves individually, for their families and/or their business and employees as needed.

We are free to you, paid by the health insurance carrier you choose, so your cost is the same whether we, another agent or you find and enroll in it yourself.



We Provide Solutions

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How to make sense of the individual health insurance marketplace.

Health Insurance of California knows that the individual health insurance marketplace is confusing.  Most of us are used to having employer-sponsored health insurance that has a few different choices for us and our dependents if we have them, that we enroll in once per year, that gets taken out of our paycheck through payroll and, quite frankly don't understand well and forget about until we either need it, have unexplained out-of-pocket expenses we don't understand or need to enroll in again the following year.  However, as an individual without access to employer-sponsored health insurance, we need to better understand what are options are, what we can tailor to our specific health needs or how we might use it, and what costs we can and are willing to afford.  Health Insurance of Califronia is here to educate, assist and manage just that for you.



You work for yourself or are considering working for yourself, what types of insurance are available to you?

Health Insurance of California specializes in ALL insurance options and carriers available to those without employer-sponsored health insurance available to them.  We understand what working for yourself is like, as we are self-employed agents, responsible for knowing what are health  insurance covers, costs and offers to make the right business decision for ourselves.  It doesn't end there either, as we too, have to understand investments and taxes to maximize the profitability of or mitigate the loss to our business.

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Insuring yourself as a business owner or offering employees access to their own group or individual health insurance.

Health Insurance of California is a small business, too, and offers the expertise and scope of products to cover you and your employees in the most effective way possible.  Traditional group, fully-funded health insurance is nearly unaffordable for most small business owners and their employees anymore, so how do you offer them an alternative to attract and retain employees?  We work with all carriers in the state of California to offer self-funded health insurance and administration like level-funded health plans or healthcare reimbursement arrangements to meet you and your employees needs at an affordable cost.

We work with every type of health insurance available in the state of California.  Get in touch with us and receive an evaluation of your situation for free today.


Experienced educators with full product availability

Health Insurance of Texas has been in operation in California since 2018, working with individuals, groups, the self-employed and small business owners to meet their health insurance needs.  


Health insurance as we all know, has become increasingly expensive, so we specialize in finding you the best product at the most effective cost. We work with ALL the carriers available in the state of California which allows us to not take a “one-size-fits-all” approach and keep our services free to you.


We do not sell health insurance, we simply provide access to ALL that is available to you in the state of California for you, your dependents, your business and/or your employees.

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